Friday 4 July 2014

Truth and Beauty and Tea

If a person has no tea in them, they are incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

Japanese Proverb

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Where to find SP In Iceland and Norway - and a nice cup of tea!


Bergfell ehf
Hegranes 15
210 Gardabaer
T: 354 511 5060
F: 354 511 5065

Sigurdur Sigurdsson
Gudridur Einarsdottir

Derma Nor AS
Billingstadtsletta 83
1396 Billingstad

Product list

Ref.n0 Product Latin names Str.

SP1020 Bergamot Citrus bergamia 10 ml
SP1100 Eukalyptus smithii Eucalyptus smithii 10 ml
SP1145 Geranium Pelargonium graveolens 10 ml
SP1056 Kamille Romersk Chamaemelum nobile 10 ml
SP1060 Kanel blad Cinnamomum zeylanicum 10 ml
SP1185 Lavendel Lavandula angustifolia 10 ml
SP1205 Mandarin Citrus reticulata 10 ml
SP1270 Pepper sort Piper nigrum 10 ml
SP1275 Peppermynte Mentha x piperita 10 ml
SP1315 Rosmarin Rosmarinus officinalis 10 ml
SP1195 Sitron Citrus limon 10 ml
SP2005 Afterflight E.O. miks jet lag, plager v/lange flyturer 10 ml
SP2080 Airways E.O. miks bihuleplager 10 ml
SP2010 Cellulite E.O. miks appelsinhud,væskeopphopninger 10 ml
SP2020 Circulation E.O. miks dårlig blodsirkulasjon, kalde hender/føtter 10 ml
SP2035 Clear Head E.O. miks hodepine/migreneplager 10 ml
SP2070 Easy Breathe E.O. miks nese- og halsplager, sår hals 10 ml
SP2030 Fatigue E.O. miks oppkvikkende, motvirker tretthet 10 ml
SP2040 Joints E.O. miks ledd-/skjelettplager 10 ml
SP2060 Muscle E.O. miks muskelplager og spenninger 10 ml
SP2064 Muscle ferdigblandet olje muskelplager og spenninger 125 ml
SP2050 Respiratory E.O. miks lunge- og luftveisplager, høysnue 10 ml
SP2085 Rest E.O. miks innsovning og søvnplager, avslappning 10 ml
SP2090 Stresses and Strains E.O. miks stress, angst, spenninger 10 ml
SP2100 Stretch Marks E.O. miks strekkmerker/arr-forebyggende/avhjelpende 10 ml
SP2110 Visible Veins E.O. miks synlige årer, åreknuter 10 ml
SP2120 Women E.O. miks femininplager; PMS 10 ml
SP3021 Baseoljemix (druekjerne m/avocado & hvetekim) 125 ml
SP3037 Druekjerneolje Vitis vinifera 1000 ml
3CX08 Druekjerneolje Vitis vinifera 5000 ml
SP3006 Mandelolje, søt Prunus dulcis 500 ml
SP3090 White Lotion (vegetabilsk lotion base) 125 ml
SP3092 White Lotion (vegetabilsk lotion base) 1000 ml

7. Himmel
Storgt. 6
8006 BODØ
Tlf: 75504550

Afrodite Salongen (felles)
Torgeir Vraas plass 6
Tlf: 32836595

Alles Velvære
Teatergt. 14
Tlf: 63813141

Alles-Velvære AS
Rådhusveien 1
Tlf: 63850690

Anne Sofie's Hud og Fotpleie
Erich Mogenssønsv. 38
0594 OSLO
Tlf: 22720475

Ansiktet v/ Kari Giertsen Ødegaard
Industrigaten 51
0357 OSLO
Tlf: 22698289

Aroma Hud- og Kroppsterapi v/ Lillian El
Tvetenveien 150 Postboks 96.
0671 OSLO
Tlf: 22268646

Majorstuveien 36
0367 OSLO
Tlf: 22933550

Otto Rugesvei 80
Tlf: 67147820

Beauty Centeret (Skien)
Rådhusgt. 2, Eeks gård
3724 SKIEN
Tlf: 35522849

Bekkestua Beautycenter Ma Belle AS (fell
Bærumsveien 205/207, 3 etg.
Tlf: 67120932

Bekkestua Beautycenter Ma Belle AS v/Hel
Bærumsveien 205/207, 3 etg
Tlf: 67120932

Bente's AS
Munkegt. 56
Tlf: 73809660

Beth's Beauty Center v/Thyra & Elisabeth
Niels Juelsgate 38
0257 OSLO
Tlf: 22555380

Beth's Beauty Gabels gate v/Thyra & Elis
Gabelsgt. 11
0272 OSLO
Tlf: 22449220

Bjørg's Helsesalong
C.M. Havigsgt. 36
Tlf: 75170221

Bjørkelangen Hud- og Fot v/Mona Hagen
Rådhusveien 4

Tlf: 63856536

Monday 25 November 2013

Aroma of Teas

Peppermint leaves
The leaves of the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis have yielded a satisfying cup of tea for at least 4700 years.  Emperor Shen Nung sampled some 365 plants in his lifetime to test and record their medical benefits. He is credited with the discovery of tea.

Essential oils in their little bottles became more conveniently and commonly available in pharmacies in the sixteenth century.  Perhaps the first aromatherapy of all didnt involve essential oil at all but tea.  Thats not to say essential oils dont have a long history.  Initially essential oils were used to impart flavour and fragrance and to preserve wine.  Though it has been refined the process of heating plant matter and trapping the aromatics which arise is an ancient one.

Of course essential oils and tea do journey together.  Bergamot essential oil flavours Earl Grey tea, stimulating Peppermint and soothing Chamomile tea and Jasmine are firm favourites.

Refreshing Black tea is drunk by three quarters of the the tea drinking world.  A freshly boiled kettle is perfect for Black English Breakfast tea or teas made from garden herbs and plants.  Black Tea requires and infusion of 2-4 minutes while the garden herbal teas require 10 minutes.

Green Tea attracts ever more attention for its proven health benefits. TIP Allow the kettle to cool somewhat before pouring the water onto the Green tea.  Water at a temperature of 80 degrees is best to be precise.  Leave to infuse for 2-4 minutes.

Besides the grand teas England is fortunate in being well suited to the growing of herbs. A daily cup of fresh tea made from freshly picked Melissa leaves was thought to aid longevity.

So what teas can I make from the garden (with a bit of help from the local supermarket)?  Add to 500ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

- Fresh mint and nettle Tea. 3 sprigs of mint, 3 young tips of nettle
- Lemon Verbena, Melissa (Lemon balm) and Lavender Tea. 2 sprigs of lemon verbena, 2 sprigs of melissa, 4 young heads of lavender (flowers).
- Lavender and Pineapple Sage Tea. 4 sprigs of pineapple sage, 4 young heads of lavender
- Ginger and Lemon Tea.  Thumb sized piece of ginger freshly peeled and finely sliced. Half a lemon.  Cut and add two slices of lemon and squeeze the juice of the remaining half lemon into the tea.
- Ginger and Honey tea.  Boil the thumb sized piece of ginger freshly peeled and finely sliced in a pan for 5 minutes, add the honey and a slice of lemon and leave for 5 minutes
-Lemongrass and Lemon Tea.  Finely slice the lemongrass stalks into fine rounds.  Add the lemon and boiling water.
- Nettle and Raspberry leaf. 3 young tips of nettle and 3 raspberry leaves or a tablespoon of each as dried leaves. Caution avoid in pregnancy.
- Fennel tea.  1 tablespoon of fennel seeds.
- Elderflower and lemon tea.  2 tablespoons of dried elderflowers. Add 2 slices of lemon.  Honey too if you like.
- Rose bud Tea.  Add 5-6 dried rosebuds.
- Orange blossom Tea.  Add 7-8 Orange blossom flowers.

You can click to look inside and find descriptions of the heath benefits of these teas in Love Bake, Nourish by Amber Rose, 2013 Kyle Books, London